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The word "Mild" has many different meanings, depending on how it is used. A person could be mild-mannered, meaning calm and easygoing, but if it is used to describe a salsa, it would mean that it is not spicy. It could also mean light, such as a mild sedative. Doctors would use it to mean moderate or not severe. With ales, it can mean a young, fresh variety that hasn't been aged. Each of these meanings is similar, but each creates a slightly different mental image depending on the connotation. It can even be used as a verb, meaning to diminish or decrease, usually used in reference to wind or a storm.

This multi-faceted word comes from Middle English, with its first known use occurring before the 12th century. It derives from the Old English "milde" (gentle or merciful)and is similar to the Latin "mollis" which evolved into "melt." Synonyms include soft, temperate, gentle, balmy, genial, and equable.

Today, many consumers are searching for milder products online, typically using the word to describe safer cleaning products for both their homes and their bodies. Lucrative industries for these milder commodities include personal care products, which account for $189 billion* in sales a year, and household products, which represent $170 billion** in sales. This important trend has customers looking for gentle ingredients that won't harm sensitive skin, green products that are better for the environment, and personal care or home products without heavy fragrances and perfumes.

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